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Binnafoir Hospital

In the northern region of Bangladesh medical care is practically non-existent.

Dilip Datta from The Shalom Mission Trust of Bangladesh intends to change this.

Who would like to help him to do that?

Planning Binnafoir Hospital

Dilip Datta is JW Support's local partner for providing shelter for street children in Savar, a Dhaka suburb.

Just as with our foundation, one of his goals is to improve basic medical care in his country.

As early as 2003 he established a collaborative effort (S.U.S.) in Binnafoir, his native village.

Binnafoir is located in the Jamalpur district, in the northern part of Bangladesh.
People living there are virtually deprived of basic medical care. If they are able to make the journey to Jamalpur at all, they often have no money to pay for a doctor or for medicine, let alone pay for an operation.

Dilip desperately wants to change this situation, using as the starting point the aforementioned S.U.S., in which the local government participates.

Amongst other things, it provides clean drinking water, educates first-time mothers and offers social and legal advice.

Making Binnafoir Hospital a reality

The realisation of the hospital is a major step forward towards providing basic medical care where none was previously available for the thousands of people living in Binnafoir and some twenty surrounding villages.

To make sure that those without any money whatsoever are not denied basic medical needs, a simple low-threshold admission policy system will be in operation.

At the moment a well stocked pharmacy, an X-ray machine, an ECG scanner and 2 examination tables are available. Currently hospital staff is waiting for electricity but despite an application with the local electricity company in 2007, approval for supply has not yet been granted. Major obstacles are the fact that Dilip is unwilling to pay a customary bribe and the unreasonably high rates. As soon as electricity becomes avialable, a small laboratory will be realised, minor surgeries can be performed and even an ambulance is rumoured to be purchased ! Please note that all hospital staff salaries will be paid by S.U.S., but all financial support is more than welcome.

Fund raising actions

In 2008 and 2009 JW Support initiated various fund raising actions on behalf of the Binnafoir hospital. These consisted of two benefit concerts, a raffle, a sponsored run and, last but not least, the December sale of custom made Christmas angles.

Impulsis supports small-scale initiatives like ours and they have generously doubled the amount made through these efforts.

The final result is now over € 40,000 !!

JW Support wants to express its sincere gratitude towards all financial donors.

Please help us

Should you know of people and/or institutions which may be able to help us with our efforts, we would like to hear from you.
You can still support this project by making a financial donation to:

IBAN: NL63ABNA0980473098.
Name: JW Support - Zoetermeer - The Netherlands
please quote : Binnafoir hospital.