JW Support

JW Support is now helping 45 children in Savar.

Some options for contributing to this project are :

Dutch Shalom Family for Children in Savar (Dutch SFC)

In Savar, a village some 30 km outside the capital Dhaka, nearly 50 children live in three shelters :

These children are orphans or have a single parent. Their family circumstances are so bad that they have either run away from home or have been left to fend for themselves.

Half of them now receive financial support to provide for their education. They are still living with a parent or family, who are unable to bear those costs themselves.
Or they're being trained as nurses, living nearby the institution.

Joanna inspects the project 3 times a year. During these visits she always stays in the girls’ shelter.
They enjoy each other’s company, sing songs and tell stories. The girls teach Joanna Bengali and she teaches them some English and Dutch. They know the old Dutch children’s rhyme "Papegaaitje leef je nog" and wish each other "eet smakelijk" (bon appetit).

Hands and gestures are essential tools and give our communication some extra colour. But absolutely nothing replaces a proper goodnight kiss! ...

Joanna brings as many children’s clothes from Holland as possible. The quality is much better than that of Bengali clothing. But children from Asian countries are generally of a much more slender build, so if you think you have suitable clothing you would like to donate, please contact us.

We co-operate with a Bengali minister, who provides shelter for 30 boys and girls. His organisation is called 'Shalom Mission Trust of Bangladesh' and the name of his shelters is 'Shalom Family for Children'.
The Dutch branch is thus appropriately named 'Dutch Shalom Family for Children in Savar' and now is part of this family.
To run a children’s shelter properly we need a lot of money, just for daily expenses. Large organisations simply do not have budgets for this. They are more accustomed to donating for building houses, schools or hospitals, but just to give money to feed people is not something they normally do.

For this reason we call upon you, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers: will you help us give these children a home, feed them and provide for their education?

Some examples of sponsorship

Your sponsorship is "symbolic" and represents a contribution to our total financial need.
Your gift will be used to provide these children with life's basic necessities.

But we will gladly accept any donation !

Please transfer your gifts to :

IBAN: NL63ABNA0980473098.
Name: JW Support - Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

For more information, please contact Joanna by email JW Support.