practical support to the
poorest in the world

Childcare and education for children in Bangladesh

Purpose of the foundation

The JW Support Foundation is committed to improve the quality of life of women and children in Bangladesh

Education, health care and the promotion of Fair Trade are the main issues we focus on to achieve our goal.
We provide practical support to the poorest of the poor in the world.

No administrative fees

All donations will be directly used to realize our goals. The Foundation’s board and all others involved are strictly unpaid volunteers. All charges are kept at minimum level in order to use as much as we can of every euro received on behalf of our projects.

The notarial deed and the Extract of the Chamber of Commerce can of course be sent to your request.We also have tax exemption according to the so-called ANBI law (general useful institution).
This means that you may deduct your donations from the income tax.

policy plan

Below you can see a link to the policy plan published by JW Support.



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contact details

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