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Joanna Wittekoek

Joanna, who’s always busy to help and support the people, started the foundation to continue the shelter in Savar. She travelled a lot and is still enjoying the multiple contacts, in which mutuality is very important. If you show sincere respect and support each other whenever needed, it will enrich your life. Not in a material way, but in happiness.

Danielle van Dijk

Danielle and Joanna are best friends for decades and she saw a lot of initiatives from Joanna and always supported her in her own modest way. When requested to be part of the board, she immediately agreed and accepted the role of secretary.

Johan van Bruggen

Johan is the treasurer of the foundation. His multiple experiences as “financial controller” are very valuable for the required reporting and accounting skills. He’s very interested in other cultures and the combination of thoughts, rules and implementation is very attractive.

Nanda Groenendijk

Nanda met Joanna in Dhaka when she visited Bangladesh for work and holiday. She was very impressed by the activities and decided to support the foundation by creating a new website, visiting card and brochure. She also thinks about fundraising possibilities to give the children a better future. I’m so blessed, I love to be a blessing for others.

All board members are volunteers and don’t get paid for their support. If they face costly expenses they can ask for compensation, like office items, operational costs or travelling costs.

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