Subsidizing ideas

Our donors created different kinds of promotion activities to support us

  • • 12 families adopted a child which is 300 euro every month
  • • Colleagues and family members send us money regularly
  • • Churches, recycle and second hand shops or special fancy fairs contribute to our projects
  • • Dentists collect golden teethes and send us the revenue
  • • We even have a very loyal fundraiser in the UK. Penny visited our Savar project during Christmas 2006 and she’s collecting money every year since among family, friends and colleagues.
  • • Geertje and Ilona love to create different kind of handicrafts and sell them among their family & friends or at fairs. They collected dozens of euro’s and the best sales came from the Christmas Fair at Pijnacker… 400 euro’s in one day
  • • Every year we receive donations from birthday parties, marriage or business jubilees. The most recent one is the 20 year business festival of Groenendijk bedrijfskleding in 2019.
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Joanna’s faith inspired her to start and continue the support to these wonderful people.

Of course we need a lot of money,

but prayer is a necessary pilar too, to create and execute our plans.

The love of our heavenly Father provides energy for today and confidence for the future.

If you want more details, don’t hesitate and contact us by phone +31703477620 or email: info@jwsupport.nl

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contact details

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